Amsterdam Comics Conference

“Comics Interaction”

Panel Sessions

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Parallel Panel Session 1 / 13:00-15:30

1A. Comics in Art, Art in Comics: Medium, Mediality, and Color

	Location: OMHP C1.23

	Chair: Erin La Cour

	Eszter Szép
		“Color and Transgression in Comics"
	Nachiket Joshi
		“Fantasy in Phillipe Druillet’s La Nuit"
		“Architecture of an Atom”

1B. History and Trauma: Representing Trauma

	Location: OMHP E2.01

	Chair: Marc Tuters

	Ger Apeldoorn
		“War is Hell (But Necessary): Hank Chapman's Cruel War Comics of the Early Fifties”
	Laurike in 't Veld
		“Negotiating Truth Claims: Paratext in Holocaust Comics”
	Pedro Moura
		“What are Small Traumas in Comics?”
	Joost Pollmann
		“Picturing Genocide: When Comics become Tragics"

1C. World Literature: Translation, Travel, and Silence

	Location: OMHP A2.01

	Chair: Astrid Surmatz

	Ian Horton
		“Donald Duck Goes Dutch”
	Julian Lawrence
		“All the World’s a (Silent) Stage: Wordless Comics as World Literature”
	Stephen Clark
		“Notes from the Border: An Exploration of the Cartoonist's Interpersonal Communication”
	Margot van der Heide
		“Tracing a Pictorial Discourse in Cartoons: Gender from a Transnational Perspective”

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Parallel Panel Session 2 / 13:00-15:30

2A. Comics in Art, Art in Comics: Hierarchies in Art and Comics

	Location: OMHP C3.23

	Chair: Eszter Szép

	Rusty Witek
		“If a Way to the Better There Be: Excellence, Mere Competence, and The Worst Comics Ever Made”
	Barbara Uhlig
		“The Art of Comics: References to 20th Century Art and Their Narrative Significance in
		Lorenzo Mattotti’s Comics”
	Thomas Langedijk
		“Why Comics can't be Art”		
	Simon Grennan
		“Misrecognising Misrecognition: The Capacity to Influence in the Milieux of Comics and Fine Art”

2B. History and Trauma: Self-Reflexivity & Return

	Location: OMHP C1.17

	Chair: Pedro Moura

	Marc Tuters and David Gauthier
		“The Mutant Face of Illness: A Deleuzo-Guattarian Reading of David B’s Epileptic”
	Giorgio Busi Rizzi
		“Living to Tell the Tale: Grief, Memory, and History in Gipi's S”
	Aline Zouvi
		“Trauma and Repetition in Bechdel’s Autobiographical Comics”
	Rik Spanjers
		“Wartime Weddings: Graphic Realism in Shigeru Mizuki’s Onwards Towards Our Noble Deaths

2C. World Literature: The Worlds of Comics

	Location: OMHP C3.17

	Chair: Ian Horton

	Jose Antonio Vilca
		“World Comics”
	Bram de Keijzer
		“Between ‘World’ and World: The Sandman and the Genre of the Fantastic”
	Elisabeth Ho
		“Comics as World/World as Comics”
	Anthony Enns
		“Historiographic Metacomics”

Friday, 3 July 2015

Parallel Panel Session 3 / 13:30-16:00

3A. Comics in Art, Art in Comics: Comics Aesthetics

	Location: OMHP C1.23

	Chair: Rik Spanjers

	Jean-Paul Gabilliet
		“Reading Facsimile Reproductions of Original Artwork: The Comics Fan as Esthete”
	Patricia Ayala
		“Sequentiality in Three Paintings of The Renaissance”
	Alan Schaefer
		“Comic Art and the Music Posters of Austin, Texas”
	Erin La Cour
		“Comics Abstraction”

3B. History and Trauma: Body Politics

	Location: OMHP C1.17

	Chair: Laurike in 't Veld
	Jonathan Gill
		“’This Women’s Lib Stuff’: Samuel R. Delany and Wonder Woman”
	Candida Rifkind
		“Jordan and the Giant: Graphic Biographies of Sports, Spectacle, and Trauma”
	Elettra Stamboulis
		“Drawing reality, assuming a point of view: A visual militant practice”
	Roel van den Oever & Max van Kreij
		“Holy Camp, Batman! Deconstructing the Opposition between Seriousness and Silliness
		in the Batman Universe"

3C. World Literature: Digital Worlds

	Location: OMHP C3.17

	Chair: Bram de Keijzer

	Astrid Surmatz
		“Comic strips on the arctic and digital emotions in childhood media"
	Kieron Brown
		“Virtuality in Richard McGuire’s Here”
	Nicolle Lamerichs
		“From Text to Screen: Metafiction in the Online Comics Homestuck and The Property of Hate”
	Josip Batinic
		“‘Enhanced Webcomics’: The Merging of Comics and New Media”