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How to Tram, Train, or Bike

How to purchase short-term tram cards:

If you plan to use public transport to get around Amsterdam, then you will need a ticket. The anonymous OV-chipkaart costs 7.50 (the same price as a 24-hour disposable ticket but does not include the money you need to put on it to travel) and lasts up to 5 years. 2-day tickets cost 12.50, so it is generally better to get the actual card rather than the disposable tickets. If you plan to only use public transport a few times, you can purchase a 1-hour pass which costs 3 euros and lets you transfer as many times as you need, as long as it is within the hour. Keep in mind that in order to travel by train (such as when making a trip to/from the airport) you must have a minimum of 20 euros on your OV-chipkaart, even if that is not the cost of the trip, so for such trips buying a single-use ticket may be avdantageous.

OV-chipkaarts can be purchased at GVB Tickets and Info desks which can be found in Schipol Airport, Stationsplein Central Station, Station Bijlmer Arena, Station Zuid, and Station Noord. They can also be bought from GVB service points (click to find a service point in your area), and at a Sales and Loading Machine which can be found at all metro stations or stops. To use the machine simply click the English flag to switch languages, and follow the steps for the ticket you prefer. The machines accept PIN and credit cards, and at most metro stations there is at least one machine that accepts cash.

Disposable cards can be purchased inside all trams as well as all the places listed above, but you can not add balance to your OV-chipkaart on a tram. Remember that you must check in and check out every time.

How to rent a bike in Amsterdam:

The easiest way to find a bike shop is to look for the word “fiets” (bike) in the title of the store. There are several located near Central Station, Leidseplein, and Dam square. There are also two shops near Station Zuid. The common price is 8-10 euros for the day, and you will need to put down a deposit (around 20 euros). Insurance is optional, but considering the amount of bike thefts in Amsterdam it is recommended to pay slightly extra for the insurance, and be sure to never leave your bike unattended and unlocked!

Bikes are allowed only on the metro outside of rush hour (Monday - Friday 7:00-9:00 and 16:00-18:00), and must be put in the special zone for bikes. They are not allowed on any other form of public transport.

Macbike: The largest bike rental chain in Amsterdam can be found near Central Station, Leidseplein, and Waterlooplein.

Rent A Bike Amsterdam: Located just outside Dam square, they offer a 10% off coupon on their website.

Black Bikes: This store has 14 different locations, one of which is right between the VU and Station Zuid.